Our Full Process

This is where we discuss what you are looking for and expand on the initial idea you’ve had or talk about a few options we can use. Most people will have an idea of what they want but not necessarily how to go about it.
This is where we come in. For example; you want a website. What type of site, for what purpose, who are you trying to reach? There are many questions and as many different answers and it can get confusing. At Floor10digital we will always look to understand your business need, who you are as a company and most importantly who your customers or end users are.

The Discovery phase is where we work to define and refine, business need against scope and budget. We will always look to provide the most cost-effective solution for you. o Once this phase is finished, we will provide you with a quotation or for larger projects a Statement of Work. This is why this phase is so important that we capture all of your needs to allow you to make an informed decision.

Once the Discovery phase is completed then we can move into deciding on the look and feel of your site. Again, you may have a definite idea on how everything will look, and it’s our job to bring this to life for you. Offering guidance and advice on how best to do that, including discussions about best practice and how design works for the user in the best possible way.

During this phase we are guided by the agreement we have made during the Discovery phase. Experience tells us that the design phase is one that can easily spark other ideas and we will do all that we can to facilitate this – we are committed to working with you to bring your project to completion and your full satisfaction. If at this stage the scope of the project has changed fundamentally, we will also help and guide you to ensure the revised quotation is fully acceptable before we commence any of the build work.

This can be one of the most concerning parts of any project for a client as it can feel that you have no control and the waiting for the finished product can be frustrating. Continuing our commitment to working as partners we provide you with regular status reports – how many will depend on the length of the project, but generally weekly – and we are always available if you have concerns or just want to chat about progress!

If you have a current URL and you would like Floor10 Digital to host your site, then we deal with all of the transfers before the completion of the project. If you have a current site, then this will stay live until the new site has been approved. If you don’t have a current site, then we will show a branded holding page until the new site goes live.

We build all of our sites to AA Accessibility standards at the very least and with security in mind. In the Statement of work or Quotation we will provide a timeline for your project and an extensive list of the technical tasks needed for your site build.


After the Discovery phase, Testing your website is one of the most important parts of the project.

We test the responsiveness of the site to make sure it can be viewed on desktop, tablets and mobile.  We use a Staging Site during this phase, which is a copy of your site but not viewable to the public until the site goes live, it allows us to test, make changes and any updates without affecting the live site.

As part of our partnership approach we will launch your website for you and deal with all of the details using our well-defined pre-launch process, which is also outlined in the Statement of Work or quotation we provided. For more information on how this will work, see our Go-Live documentation

We offer aftercare for all of our clients once the site is live. We have what we call a period of Hypercare for two weeks after go-live which is included in the cost of the project.

On-going Website Care and Maintenance is available to suit your needs. Whether that is a monthly package or buying set hours as and when you need them, we know we can provide the right level of support for you and your business.


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